What makes the perfect BIM Services Provider?

As the rise of demand for BIM Services grows and more companies offer outsourcing of these services, it is vitally important to pick the perfect provider. This allows you to take advantage of BIM technology without the cost of implementing it in-house. So what are important points to consider?


Experience is very important when choosing the right BIM Service Provider, CAD Services have been in the industry for over 30 years and have been providing accurate modelling with the correct materials considered for BIM for over 15 years. Choosing a partner with experience means your project is delivered efficiently and effectively, meeting those important deadlines.


It is always a good idea to see previous examples of a company’s work and the type of projects they have worked on. This can give you a good idea of their skills and expertise. CAD Services has a vast project portfolio. Working on both large and small projects, we are a trusted company within the industry who are able to deliver to the exacting requirements of our clients.


We have a great relationship with our existing clients, they know that they can rely on us to work through and navigate any problems within the project. We are able to work closely with our clients to solve any complications that may arise, providing a high quality and bespoke service throughout. Ultimately, CAD Services is a BIM provider you can trust to deliver the service your project deserves.


Communication is key when working on any BIM project. Knowing who you will be dealing with is crucial to the progress of a project. Our team at CAD Services have the experience and capability to assist you. You will be designated a BIM Team Leader to oversee the production of models and drawings and act as an initial point of contact. They will be responsible for proof of QA and clash checks on CSD models and backed by a dependable BIM team.

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