BIM, Taking your drawings to the next level

The future of CAD drawings and their involvement in the construction process is changing!

2D drawings will always have a valued and useful position in the construction process, but anyone who is serious in providing quality information to their clients will be looking at designs created using Building Information Modelling (BIM) techniques.


BIM as a process is a holistic approach to design and construction, which provides intelligent information and a shared knowledge resource that is available throughout the life-cycle of the building.

BIM is associated with many aspects of the build process. Where drawings are concerned, BIM can be considered as the `next step’ in the evolution of construction drawings. The effective use of BIM by Building Services Consultants and M&E Contractors involved in building services installations should be embraced as a major step in closing the gap between design drawings and construction drawings.


CAD SERVICES have a dedicated team of professionals that have been providing BIM rich services coordination models for many years. Using BIM information provided by the Architectural and Services design teams. We produce collaborative 3D services models for finite coordination and services fabrication.


Utilising software tools from the Autodesk’s AEC collection (which includes AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP, Revit, Navisworks Manage and Fabrication CADmep), we create BIM rich models that can be investigated, modified and reviewed with supporting documentation provided to members of the design team much faster and more intuitively than any method previously experienced.

With collaboration, reviewing and collision checking software, such as Navisworks, we are able to distribute 3D navigable models that allow the project team to review design issues in a flexible and more efficient virtual world.


The Autodesk Revit suite is the purpose built software used for creating these collaborative models. Autodesk’s Revit MEP supports all aspects of BIM and is being used by Building Services Consultants to produce designs that interact with the architectural Revit models. CAD SERVICES are using Revit to build digital models for many types of project application. From single room designs to full building design requirements containing any matter of information that can be used and reused throughout the `life cycle’ of the equipment or building.

We also have specialist tools to translate the design team’s models and allow us to create fully coordinated CADmep models ready for fabrication and installation.

A typical Revit developed project can provide benefits including:

  • Improved initial design results in more accurate costing.
  • Less financial risk to contractors through improved design information.
  • Faster identification of possible coordination or design errors.
  • Better control of design information for installation.
  • Improved drawing delivery time.


The UK Government has already made a commitment to have collaborative 3D BIM on its public sectors projects since 2016. The adoption of various aspects of BIM by the UK Government and the major players in our industry means that the requirement to understand and use BIM process will eventually affect us all. The opportunity for even the smallest Building Services Consultant or M&E Contractor to provide their client with drawings containing the BIM information needed for the equipment and services they have designed or supplied should not be missed.


As time moves on, more and more information has been heaped onto what started as a basic 2D CAD drawing. We are all about to take part in an evolvement of the CAD drawing from that basic 2D file into a far more sophisticated `virtual model’. Of course this won’t happen overnight but it will never the less happen!

CAD Drawing 3D BIM Solutions


CAD SERVICES is one of the UK’s leading providers of MEP BIM Services, 3D MEP Coordination, 2D and 3D drawing, drafting and 3D visualisation. Delivering tailored solutions to leading Building Services Consultants and Mechanical and Electrical Contractors and Architects. At CAD SERVICES we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our work. By keeping abreast of the latest technologies and software advances, ongoing training of staff and continual improvement of business systems and process we continue to deliver to our clients expectations. From simple 2D schematics to full 3D services coordination, clash detection and BIM modelling, we can deliver the service you and your project deserves.

  • Services as and when you need them, every day or just now and then.
  • A flexible approach that fits your business.
  • Consistent style, accuracy and quality.


CAD SERVICES gives you access to a highly flexible resource that integrates with your business and puts you in full control of the workflow. Whether you are outsourcing all of your CAD work or just calling on specialist expertise during peak workflow, you can rely on a consistent approach every step of the way.

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